CHG Patriot RockAs part of our commitment to Veterans, the CHG has placed a Patriot Rock on site of the Historic Center in Clearmont, Wyoming.  Based on the presence of the U.S. Army 9th Cavalry in early Northeast Wyoming Territory,  the large sandstone rock will depict a mural of the soldiers of the 9th Cavalry on a mission in the Powder River Basin.  The troop of soldiers were the only cavalry unit comprised entirely of African American men  and was stationed at Camp Bettens along the Powder River near Suggs, Wyoming (later moved and renamed Arvada, Wyoming) .  Known as “Buffalo Soldiers”  by the Native Americans,  the 9th Cavalry was tasked with putting down Native American uprisings in the West and also were called upon to keep the peace as cattle barons and local cattle men quarreled over land and cattle.

The Patriot Rock will be designed and painted by local artist Richard Bohlmann.  The final product will be done this summer.

The CHG has honored veterans of the Clear Creek Valley and was instrumental in creating the Clear Creek Valley Veteran Memorial,  dedicated November 11, 2020.   Honoring soldiers who participated in or were killed in active duty,  the memorial includes those who served beginning with World War 1 .  The Memorial is an easy walking distance from the Historical Center.